Workplace Mediation

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Conflict management training. Conflict management assessment and planning. Staff and leadership trainings. Internal Communication practices. Decision making maps. Mediation in pairs or small groups.


Conflict Resolution

We can help you resolve interpersonal or work-team conflict before it brings down morale and productivity

Decision Making Maps

Avoid conflict with clear decision making maps, drafted and shared via skillful communications with all members of your team.

Meeting Facilitation

We can facilitate your next meeting as a Professional Neutral. For a weighted meeting topic, or an agenda that has not progressed or cycles in controversy, we can help.

Conflict Management

Learn how to manage disagreement, hurt feelings and conflict before it becomes any more than a perfect forum for skillful communications.

Internal Communications

Communications are buzzing: texts, memos, emails and verbal exchanges. Get your team aligned in practices of effective intra-office communications.


Get an assessment of your Wellness Environment. Our assessments come with action plans for improvements and custom-designed trainings.

  • Staff mental and emotional wellbeing
  • effectiveness of your team building
  • functional cooperation
  • efficiency in work-flow


We can help you define and achieve your goals through Skillful Communication and Conflict Management


  • Conflict Competency, management
  • Skillful Communications, management
  • Role expectations
  • Company Culture Goals and Actions
  • Internal communication guidelines

WORKSHOPS online worldwide

  • ¬†Internal Communications – functional and fluid
  • Decision Making maps – clarify the core structure of how you work
  • Communication Styles – define, accept, and organize to highlight the diversity
  • Personal and Professional balance – create agreements and structures


  • Company Culture
  • Internal Communications
  • Pitfalls for Chances of Conflict
  • Conflict Entrances


  • Inter-departmental
  • Individual co-workers
  • Individuals in multi-level
  • Consumer/Client and Admin
  • Pairs or small group