Mediation for Schools

We care about schools, and children, the seeds of society’s future

Our services help them grow into empowered, articulate

and peace-making individuals

Give Kids Tools for Healthy Conflict, early

 We love bring the enrichment of communication skills, restorative processes and conflict prevention to schools.

We can address specific situations to get resolutions, or, workshop tools for healthy conflict. For staff, or students, or both.  

Conflict Resolution for KIDS!

For a few hours, a day or a series, we specialize in engaging and creative teaching for children!

Conflict prevention & resolution methods, and learning reasons this matters – help children thrive.

We offer them experiential learning on emotional safety & development, and conscious communications.

Staff Training

Staff trainings inspire staff with insights, ideas and tools to guide the children in healthy modes of conflict prevention and resolution.

Trainings for staff for internal communications and conflict prevention help you keep your team working fluidly and cooperatively.

Prevention and Diagnosis

A comprehensive conflict prevention diagnosis can go a long way in helping you be on-target with the goals you set for your community. 

Skillful and effective internal communications and decision-making processes as well as communications and coordination with your parent body can all be assessed for potential stumbling blocks and re-defined and structured in ways that help you be in-line with your intentions for your community culture and climate.

Get an Expert on your Team

Children are eager for tools to avoid confrontation and conflict
while learning healthy ways to be
empowered and expressive, as well as kind.

Tailor made experiential and interactive workshops
help your children to excel at conflict resolution, avoid heartache
and strife in their peer group.

Specific-event conflict mediations are also available with children, staff or both.

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