Keren Khaya Abrams, Principal

Mediator's Statement

Mediation is a process where a trained Neutral Professional facilitates your conversation with the intention to reach resolutions and draft an agreement. Agreements can be made binding by the parties. 

I am expecting success and am committing my 100% to help you get there.

My intention is to create Mediation meetings that:

  • provide a feeling of safety
  • offer new possibility
  • give guidance for effective communication skills
  • apply co-creative problem solving skills
  • get you a satisfactory resolution
  • help you make effective and detailed, drafted, Agreements

My facilitation upholds dignity and respect for what each party brings and needs to express, while supports keeping our focus on the goal, staying on point, and addressing current solutions, with step-by-step clarity.

I work for your resolution and agreement, while I do not work for either of you individually. I am non-partial.

With a diverse background in performing arts, yoga and contemplative practices, counseling, ceremony, intercultural teaching and exchanges, as well as in education, psychology and child development, my approach is deeply attentive, authentically humanistic, honest, and aimed to facilitate your best self coming forward. I trust your wisdom and insights and help you see those for yourself!

With my facilitation, the opportunities can be:

  • to stay out of court without any further litigation nor adversarial approaches for resolution.
  • to be collaborative and co-creative, even if you began in conflict, sharing the goal of resolution- so that you can move forward with your life’s priorities.
  • to develop your tool kit for effective communications and self awareness.
  • to demonstrate your wisdom and insight, sometimes even in hard times.
  • experiencing effective communications and fair-play negotiations.

I am not a Doctor or Therapist, nor a Lawyer. As I am not a legal representative of any kind, I cannot be requested for legal advice or input. I can, however, provide referrals for complimentary support services with other professionals, such as Attorneys, and/or, through my own “Speak.Well.” courses and my work in Counseling. I most often recommend each party employ outside Legal Counsel for periodic consulting.

Your Mediation results will be a direct extension of the sincerity and willingness you bring to our forum. I commit to help you show up with your best self. 

                                I congratulate you for taking this pro-active step with Mediation!

all the best,