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Online mediation is
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Join in Online

With your lap or desktop and an easy video conferencing link, we can do mediations for resolution of any conflict and/or clarification of any situation

Orienting and Guiding

It can feel overwhelming  Рthe paperwork, the legal steps DIY, the conversations, the lists. We orient and guide you every step of the way

Conflict into Collaboration

With  Neutral Professional Facilitator, a conflict can be collaborative. Both parties want the goal of resolve, clarity and freedom to move on.

Drafted Agreements

Memoranda of Understanding are thorough, and can be made binding should both parties choose. We use electronic file transferring and/or document sharing to get it all drafted and detailed.

Online Mediation supports you well in rough times

  • have a buffer zone between you and the other party
  • be able to take a few minutes break as needed, privately
  • choose your professional according to your resonance with them, regardless of physical location
  • easy short-call follow ups, as needed
  • work with a professional neutral not in your own small town; full anonymity could be important for you
  • divorce, co-parenting, custody & visitation, kinship and eldering parents, pre-nuptials, workplace, community, organizations….and more.

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