Mediating a Divorce

We cannot take all the pain away, but together we can make it easier

No Court Divorce

You may not need to go to court to take care of a divorce.

If you are wanting a No Court Divorce, we can help.

Mediation can help you navigate all of the decisions and negotiations without an adversarial approach, maintain dignity and respect for both parties and the whole family involved, support your filing of papers pro se (DIY) with your district court, and we complete drafted agreements that can be made legally binding.

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Divorce Mediation

          helps you get oriented to compose your agenda, facilitated in every communication you need, supported in fair-play negotiations, and drafting comprehensive agreements.

These are rough waters, and largely uncharted by most. We are here to help.

No need to go to court In most cases, a divorce with two parties voluntarily and in good faith in mediation, can be done via mediation, Attorney advising, and other DIY procedures with your local court filings.

We help you turn what could be escalating in the adversarial, into a cooperative effort, toward the same goal.

Legal support maybe be included by each party, in order to get relevant facts regarding the law, however with a non-adversarial divorce, the Attorney does not lead – you two are in charge of your agreement! And, you can get there through effective discussions.

Separation or Divorce Agreements

Best Interest of Child Focus

No Court Divorce is Possible

Online or In-person Comprehensive Divorce Mediation

available in any state, and, worldwide

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