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How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is for two (or more) parties who are in conflict and/or need to make agreements and come to resolution.

Even if you need to file court papers (as for divorce or co-parenting) you can use Mediation as a safe, respectful and supportive forum in which to be heard, be listening and develop co-creative solutions. Our expertise is to help you do this.

Mediation also offers you fully detailed drafting of agreements (MOUs)which can be made binding in court, should you choose.

How Does Online Mediation Work?

Currently (as of AUG 2020) all of our Mediations are online (with few exceptions).

Online Mediation uses email, phone and Zoom video conferencing for direct meetings with both or one party.

It is safe, effective, and simple. You need a good WIFI connection and Zoom account, and either a laptop or desktop (please note that phones with zoom app are usually insufficient in connectivity for mediation)

What is Family Wellness Mediation?

Family Wellness Mediation assists you with “do-we-need-to-divorce?” discussions and offers Stay-together-Better master plans.

– Best Interest of The Child tools and plans
– Eldering parent decisions and agreements of siblings
– any Family dynamic situations where facilitated discussion and agreement formation would be supportive to wellness for all.

What Issues can Mediation Resolve?

In any situation where two parties (or more) need help being heard and understood, we can help.

Facilitated conversation is key and that is our expertise.

Families can often be supported to resolve issues of conflict in Mediation. Community members and small business colleagues. Beyond skillful facilitation for effective dialogue, we support getting you to resolution, often with detailed agreements for moving forward.

Mediation works by expert facilitation, and, what the parties bring to it. It is best to approach Mediation with a willingness to perhaps hear a new idea that one had not considered prior.

As well, mediation can resolve issues and bring agreements best when parties are available to compromise where they can, while knowing accurately their own wisdom and limits.

We help clients get clear on those parameters and express them.

Can I do my Divorce without a Lawyer?

No Court Divorce is a popular option for folks who wish to be amicable, and save money.

Basically, yes, in NM folks can process a divorce with only Mediation supporting them to discuss, negotiate and draft agreements. Folks represent themselves, pro se, or, DIY.

We do always recommend an Attorney’s consult for review of our drafted MOUs and your DIY court paperwork. This may be an hour or two only of an Attorney’s time in more straight-forward situations.

We have Attorneys in our Resource Page who can be consultants. Aside from a brief Legal review, Mediation- itself -can get you where you need to go with your divorce process.

Can I handle my case with Mediation and without a Lawyer?

Mediation is voluntary for all parties involved.

In legal cases, parties can usually opt to come to agreements by Mediation and may be required by the court to use Mediation, at least for a certain period of time.

Legal consulting is always recommended by us at the center, if parties are involved in any conflict/resolution process that is a legal matter or involves legal matters.

Effective Mediations, like we offer you, will help you hone in on the list of necessities for Legal consult to save you time and money with Attorneys

I Want to Mediate but the Other Party Does Not

Go to our page “start a mediation” and get help! You can use our inquiry form there to then receive a personalized Invitation to Meditation, which you can share with the other party(ies) to help you both (all) get started with our Mediation services.

Note that Mediation always includes two (or more) parties and is always voluntary.

How Long Does Mediation Take - how many meetings/months?

The number of meetings and amount of time always depend on the case specifics. How much needs to be worked out in adjusting the family structure and how much asset/debt needs to be divided, how complicated the co-parenting plans are , etc.

Yet, it is our goal to help you assess the arc of your case and map out some clear goals when we craft your agenda in the first Mediation Meeting.

Tell me about your Mediator ~

Keren Abrams’ Mediators Statement.
My intention is to create Mediation meetings which:
provide a feeling of safety
offer new possibility
give guidance for effective communication skills
apply co-creative problem solving skills
get you a satisfactory resolution
help you make effective and detailed, drafted, Agreements

SEE FULL STATEMENT AT: https://santafemediationcenter.com/about-keren/

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