Separation Planning

An organized Separation-Period can help -either as step toward divorce, or, to then stay-together-better!

Stay Together Better or Part in Peace

You two choose.

A solid, term-defined formal Separation Agreement can help heal repeated wounds, gain new insight beginning new personal growth –  and you two determine if to Stay-Together-Better or Part in Peace.

Separation Plans help you get the time-off and healing you need

You can work on a comprehensive Separation Agreement and Plan with your mediator

  • interim parenting plan
  • residences for each party
  • all terms for daily living and co-parenting
  • interim property division
  • financial planning 

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Learn More About Your Mediator

Mediation with Keren will help you 

  • consider prudent options
  • hear and be heard, fully
  • learn about your perspective and another’s
  • learn to co-create solutions
  • plan the right type and detail of separation for your specific needs
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