Marital Mediation

looking to stay together, better? sort out some stumbling blocks? improve communications?

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Marital Mediation can help your family do well!

the container of mediation FOR staying married can be revolutionary for your relationship.
with facilitated communication, respectful discussion, effective dialogue, fair-play negotiations and clear, articulated agreements, so many marriages can find the footing they need to walk the distance


Stay-Together-Better Master Plans

  • Discuss stumbling blocks
  • Find and assess common communication breakdowns
  • Plan better ways of relating
  • How to make Vows and where the rubber meets the road
  • Establish day-to-day functional agreement
  • Draft written agreements on any topic
  • Get your communications facilitated and learn effective methods

Marital Mediation is Unique

  • Learn Skillful Communications with real time guidance
  • Establish communications parameters for your day-to-day
  • Co-create Interim Agreements to test out and gather data with actionable solutions
  • Set times lines
  • Be facilitated so that you can be yourself and be understood with your spouse