Facilitation. Planning. Co-Creation.

communities are made up of different folks: their opinions, perspectives and ideas. when facilitated to share ideas respectfully, listen deeply, get understood…we can then get to co-created solutions. the best ideas come from our diversity shared in the intention of uniting around mutually beneficial goals

Facilitating Co-Creative Solutions in Our Community

Thinking Together Community Conversations

Be part of a think-tank. You bring you and our other community members bring themselves- to listen, take note, share information, give perspectives and learn to Co-Operate our thoughts. Maybe something great ensues that otherwise would never have been thought?

Collaboration in Groups

Are you part of an: Activist group? Volunteer group? Board of directors or steering committees?

We help your group to get aligned on its Purpose.

In facilitated discussion, we help you each be heard and understood. We get you clarity for the premises of your action-planning:

  • what is your goal ?
  • what is your purpose?
  • what skills does each bring to the group?
  • are the group goals shared?
  • what unique perspective do you have?
  • can you make space for a new idea or position to come after listening to your team members?

'In Community' Interviews

Interviews with experts in their field who are also innovative thinkers and responsible leaders.

We talk with and publicize those talks with folks who are competent in collaboration, and who know the value of inter-disciplinary approaches.

These interviews are especially poignant in these divisive times where a deadly pandemic effects us all in so many ways. There are exceptionally intelligent and credentialed professionals who can truly see both the facts and the possibilities for us to do better in our managing this pandemic and protecting each other within our society.

Keren makes these voices available to the community to hear them, directly. She speaks to them for the sake of inspiring co-creative action planning in our community and beyond


small social circles, families, individuals or kids, can become extended family in pandemic times. with explicit agreements to all safety protocols each team member abides by in their day-to-day, this pod is a safe-circle.

we facilitate:

  • conversations to have agreement about protocols
  • drafting agreements
  • the group tp think co-creatively about their goals and purpose and aim clearly toward those

Do Community with Us!

Community Projects that we initiate do not involve fees, they are typically, our gift and contribution.
Inquire with us with your suggestions and let’s see what we can cook up!

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