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Online. Worldwide.

With nearly exclusively online services now, we offer online comprehensive mediations with 2 or more parties, meeting facilitation, conflict prevention strategy and more! In special circumstances and with large workplace contracts portions of services may be arranged in-person when local.

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Serving our hometown of Santa Fe & Worldwide

Mediation Online

Misunderstanding is common

Mutual Understanding is exceptional

It is also truly possible


Escalated conflict can be so painful and consuming

We give our 100% to get you through- with integrity, dignity and respect- and move ahead to new horizons.

Your needs are heard, your agenda is compiled, negotiations are supported to be efficient, and you arrive at drafted agreements and resolutions.

Our Non Adversarial Methods give you more peace of mind.

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Our History

40 years ago, Susan McMeans and Jerome Ginsburg

founded the first private family mediation center in Santa Fe. 

Jerome was a practicing attorney and Susan was both a paralegal and family counselor.  After working together in a traditional law office, they saw a great need for a different approach to family legal disputes.

It was their vision that if parties could get together with a lawyer/counselor team to work through the issues of their divorce or separation, that with that balanced approach, they could reach a resolution that would be in their best interests of the parties and their children.

They trained in Los Angeles specifically regarding this team approach. In 1982 they opened also a satellite office in Albuquerque. They mediated for hundreds of clients over the years.  

They continued the Mediation Center, working together with couples until Susan was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009 and died in 2012. Since then, Jerome continued working both as a mediator and traditional lawyer until his recent retirement in December of 2019.

What's Current

ONLINE RESOURCES to help you in times of conflict or transition.

ONLINE MEDIATIONS worldwide are our specialty. Feel heard and supported from the comfort of your own home or office.

We serve families, workplaces, schools, non-profit organizations, and community projects, too! 


To provide accessible, quality, effective and compassionate dispute resolution, conflict prevention and skillful communication services in our local and worldwide community.


  • listening attentively
  • advocating with planning and facilitation
  • compassion and understanding
  • effective tools and strategy
  • collaborative discussion and solutions
  • bring forward the brilliance in each participant

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