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Services continue primarily on Zoom video conferencing. Please inquire for in-person in-office meeting options. We have a number of safety requirements to agree to in advance.

Misunderstanding is par for the course

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Get Help with Conflict Resolution

Your needs are heard, your agenda is compiled, negotiations are supported to be efficient, and in a respectful context, step-by-step, you arrive at drafted agreements and final resolutions.

Serving our local hometown of Santa Fe and beyond, we work Worldwide with Online Mediation Services.


Our History

Susan McMeans and Jerome Ginsburg

40 years ago, founded the first private family mediation center in Santa Fe.

Jerome was a practicing attorney and Susan was both a paralegal and family counselor. After working together in a traditional law office, they saw a great need for a different and comprehensive approach to family legal disputes.

It was their vision that if parties could get together with a lawyer/counselor male/female team, that this unique balanced approach,would yield greater chance of resolutions for them and their children. Together, they trained in Los Angeles specifically for innovating this team approach. It is our tradition to be forerunners in innovative and effective approaches in the field of ADR and for folks who need help navigating rough waters.

Since 1981

…the center has been serving clients in Santa Fe. In 1982, Jerome and Susan also opened a satellite office for the Center in Albuquerque. They mediated hundreds of clients over the years. In 2009 Susan was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 2012. Beginning in 2002 Jerome worked both as a mediator and traditional lawyer until his retirement in December of 2019.

What's new in 2020

Extensive ONLINE RESOURCES to help you in times of conflict or transition.

In addition, FULL VIRTUAL MEDIATIONS worldwide are now available via Zoom conference, email, and phone.

We have adjunct services in Conflict Coaching, Life Transitions Counsel and referrals for Attorneys offering hourly consults when you work with us. Keren Abrams is now Principal in the Mediation and Counseling services.

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Online Mediation Services

Get expert help,

staying home and staying safe.

Worldwide video conferencing

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Single Party Support

Individual Counseling,

Conflict Management Coaching,

and Effective Communications


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When you need to know

How to get the Help you need

Consulting Attorney list and more!

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Family Mediation

Not Just for Divorce

With our Unique – Family Wellness Mediation- you have many ways to help your Family

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