Who We Are

Be Brilliance LLC pioneers in Human Potential

Santa Fe Mediation Center is an initiative of Be Brilliance, LLC

Our goal

To illuminate each participant’s innate wisdom through compassionate listening, effective communication facilitation, fair play negotiations and creatively addressing conflict. Through diverse perspectives and knowledge we get to new horizons of possibilities.

Be Brilliance LLC

…exists for Keren Khaya Abrams, a forerunner in advancing Human Potential, to teach foundational principles and facilitate the direct experience of your innate brilliance.

  • Brilliance is innate; we support each other to realize it 
  • Each human being has a unique contribution to every discussion and cooperation
  • Realizing one’s own brilliance is foundational to fulfilled and constructive living and gifting

Santa Fe is renowned by artists for its brilliant light

Lighten Life with Mediation & Facilitation

Our Team

Keren Abrams, Principal

Ms. Abrams holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Interdisciplinary Art, is the founder of Speak.Well. courses and Movement Medicine Arts, an ordained Jewish pastor, and a trained, certified Mediator. 

After decades in Counseling and pioneering within the Human Potential movement counseling, writing, and advising, she established Be Brilliance, LLC and as one of its initiatives, she is advancing SFMC into a new generation as an online resource available worldwide, premised in teaching and popularizing the practices of Creative Conflict.

Keren offers counseling, dispute resolution and prevention, mentoring, education, and consulting internationally. With a professional career spanning three decades (www.kerenabrams.com), she delivers to each client from an authentic passion for inspiring individuals’ brilliance to lead their choices, communications, and collaborations. She is committed to facilitate and develop effective collaborations and sharing the opportunities hidden within positive conflict as well as the benefits of skillful communications.

She is known for facilitating individuals and groups with compassion, insight, and sincere respect for every unique process. 

Michael K Travers, Jr Esq

Michael Travers, Mediator & Counselor at Law, facilitates effective communication and greater understanding.  Working exclusively as Mediator with our Center, he is committed to skillful conflict resolution and to efficiently refine & define plans & agreements.

Michael holds a JD (1993) from Vermont law School where he graduated magna cum laude, and received the Vermont Law Scholar award in 1992. He holds an MA in Counseling Psychology (1986), where he had his first introduction to mediation training and performed clinical milieu therapy from 1987-1988.

During his law studies he was a visiting student for one semester at the University of Denver School of Law’s Mediation and Arbitration Center.  There Travers took his perspectives on what conventional law lacked and dived deeply into Alternative Dispute Resolution philosophies and methods, as student and practitioner.   

Following that program, Michael did a number of intensive trainings with the Center for Mediation in Law (NKA The Center for Understanding in Conflict) in the mid- 90’s as a young attorney. The Center’s model for facilitating joint discussions among parties in legal disputes seeded his efforts to make Mediation his professional focus, to which he then added what is today known as the field Collaborative Law.*

 *Please note* Mr. Travers is only a licensed attorney in CO, NJ, & NY. He does not provide legal representation or advice to or for SFMC or SFMC’s customers. 

Victor Nelson, M.Div., S.T.M., LMFT

Victor Nelson has been a pastoral counselor and a marriage and family therapist since 1986. With an expertise in understanding relationship dynamics, family dynamics, effective communication and parenting, he began offering mediation services as well, over twenty years ago.

Victor specializes in domestic mediation, helping couples navigate the challenges of divorce and co-parenting. For co-parenting solutions, Victor emphasizes what is best for child(ren), helping parents understand the importance of age-related decisions and plans for their children.

As a Solution-Focused mediator, Victor helps each party focus on their preferred futures, desired outcomes, and best hopes—not just for the mediation but for the relationships once mediation has been completed.

Niko Fru, Intern Assistant

Niko holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from St. John’s College, and they are a trained mediator, attaining certifications from Mediate.com and The Mediation Center of Asheville, NC. In addition to working with SFMC, they recently joined the New Mexico Magistrate Courts Mediation Program as a volunteer mediator, where they serve communities across New Mexico as a facilitator of Alternative Dispute Resolution.They believe strongly in the power of ADR to help parties in conflict to realize their agency and improve their collaborative communication skills, and hope to bring the skills and techniques of ADR to wide public acceptance through education, advocacy, and service.

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