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Critical Incident Mediation

Online Mediation on an urgent need basis

We do our best to get you the services you need within 4-48 hours and will reply to your form submission on the same business day.

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  2. Submit FEES for CRITICAL NEED MEDIATION here>  [= $400 + tax for 2 hrs online mediation, based on 2 parties]

Service Agreement for Critical Incident Mediation

Once scheduled and paid, no cancelations are permitted. Day/time changes may be requested and may be possible. If so, payment can be transferred.

Parties agree to mediate voluntarily, in good faith, and to be facilitated by their Mediator in effective communications/negotiations.

All contents of Mediation, written and verbal are protected in Confidentiality statues of the State of NM. Nothing may be admissible in court, nor may any records be subpeoned for any reason at any time.

A comprehensive Service Agreement will be required to be filled in and signed by both parties for any follow up mediation meetings to be scheduled.

Appointments are NOT held until Prepaid, and I inderstand that I will receive an invoice for prepayment within an hour after scheduling that is due on receipt.

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Rate Table

Family Mediation

$180 per hour (shared 50-50)

All Mediation work is invoiced 50-50 of the hourly rate to each party (2-party mediation).

Mediations are typically 1.5-2.5 hrs each meeting.

Economic hardship sliding scale is sometimes available.

3+ parties $250/hr divided between parties

Conflict Coaching & Prevention

$90/ hr

online meetings are 1.25 hrs

this service is for individuals. interested groups can contact us for a quote

package rates are available

Life Transitions Counsel

$80/ hr

online meetings are 1.25 hrs

this service is for individuals

package rates are available

Marital Mediation

$140/hr (billed 50-50)

Choose hourly or package rate. Package rates are reduced rates paid in full at the outset, and typically offer 8-12 hours of service.

Mediations are typically 1.5 hours.

Drafting of your Stay-Together-Better Master Plan is offered at 30% of the hourly meeting rate

Workplace & Organizational

$180/hr first module

First, we design module #1 of 3-5 hours, tailored to meet your goals, using standard hourly rate.

In line with first module assessments, we design module 2 contents with associated package rate, approx. 20% discount on hourly fees.

*special rates for non-profits may be available

Sliding Scale option for couples

We are committed to make Alternative Dispute Resolution accessible to as many community members as possible.

If you self-determine that you need a sliding scale rate, you may. Your honest choice of fee between 120-180 per hour (half billed to each party) supports us in our accessibility goal. To choose your rate, please consider your monthly income, your essential monthly expenses, your loan options, your discretionary expense choices during this particular time, and the fees for other comparable Mediation services. You will choose your rate on your Service Agreement.

Thank you for helping us in our goal to serve folks in various socio-economic positions.