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I Want to Ask Another Party to Mediate

Mediation is always voluntary for all parties. Please do reach out, but also know we can only get started once all parties are ready and have submitted service agreements.

Here’s what you can do if you are choosing mediation and hope another party might agree:

  1. Mention to the other party(ies) that you are checking options for good Mediators, check if they feel open to that.
  2. Complete the form below to get our Information Packet by email. Both you and the other party can review it to see if you would like to proceed with us.
  3. Schedule your no-charge initial quick-call and then inform the other party that you spoke to a Mediator and hope to proceed.

Both Parties are Ready to Mediate

If both (all) parties are indeed ready to start Mediation, use the form below to give us detail.

We can get you scheduled for your first mediation, typically within 4-12 days.

After both parties review, sign and return service agreements by email, we can get started promptly!

Please be aware that our contractual agreements and pre-payments are important and therefore required steps prior to beginning mediation.

I am Not Sure Which Service I need

Going through Divorce, co-parenting arrangements, separation, or family/community conflict? 

If you will not be mediating with another party,

we also have services to guide and support Individuals during a conflictual situation.

  • Life Transitions Counsel
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Speak.Well. Skillful communication

**learn more about the above services here

If you are unsure which of our center’s services can help you best, feel free to self-schedule your No-Charge Quick Call – below – so you can get clear on how we can help.

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Full Service Mediation

$50-75 per party, per hour

Mediation clients are invited to choose an hourly rate, based on their income level, from the range ($50-75) above.

Your honest choice supports us in our goal to make our services accessible to as many community members as possible.

hourly fees are billed to each party individually

15% discount when case involves 3 or more parties

Conflict Coaching


per hour

typical meetings are 1.25 hrs

this is a service for individuals only

package rates are available

Life Transitions Counsel


per hour

typical meetings are 1.25 hrs

this is a service for individuals only

package rates are available

... About our Sliding Scale hourly fee per party