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The Intake Process

to become a client, follow these steps

Step 1

Request our Introductory Packet

by text or email

  1. read through it, includes a “Service Agreement”
  2. sign and fill-in the areas requested 
  3. return to us electronically

You will be answered same business day to start scheduling.

Typically, we can start a new mediation with one of our associates within 5-7 business days

Step 2

Receive and Remit your pre-pay Invoice

We will send you the required pre-pay invoice which holds the day/time you request for your Initial Mediation. Pre-pay invoices are due to hold you mediation day/time and are non-refundable unless notice is received by our office more than 48 hours in advance.

Our invoicing procedures are comprehensively explained in the Introductory Packet.

Step 3

We Meet

You will receive a confirmation of your Initial (1.7 5 hr) Mediation Meeting day/time and all the details for logging in via Zoom.

Details of the first steps during your Initial Mediation meeting can be seen in your Introductory Packet.

Schedule your Initial No-Charge Quick-call with a Mediator


Rate Table

Family Mediation

$180 per hour (shared 50-50)

All Mediation work is invoiced 50-50 of the hourly rate to each party (2-party mediation).

Every invoice is divided equally between two parties. Mediations are typically 1.5-2.5 hrs each meeting.

Mediation clients are invited to self-determine any need for a sliding scale fee rate. See details below.

inquire about hourly when case involves 3 or more parties, each will be responsible for 1/3 of a discounted total rate.

Conflict Coaching/Prevention


per hour

typical meetings are 1.25 hrs

this service is for individuals. interested groups can contact us for a quote

package rates are available

Life Transitions Counsel


per hour

typical meetings are 1.25 hrs

this service is for individuals. for package rates, please inquire with us

package rates are available

Marital Mediation

$140/hr (billed 50-50)

Marital Mediation can be done hourly or via package rate. Package rates can reduce hourly by ~20%, are paid in full at the outset, and typically include 4-6 Mediations.

Mediations are typically 1.25-1.5 hours each.

Drafting of your Stay-Together-Better Master Plan is offered at 50% of the hourly rate for meetings


$180/hr first module

we create module #1 of 3-5 hours, tailored to meet your goals, using standard hourly rate.

according to assessments from the first module, we craft module 2 and offer you a package rate that includes approx. 20% discount on hourly fees.

*special rates for some non-profits may be available

Sliding Scale option for couples

We are committed to make Alternative Dispute Resolution accessible to as many community members as possible.

If you self-determine that you need a sliding scale rate, you may. Your honest choice of fee between 120-180 per hour (half billed to each party) supports us in our accessibility goal. To choose your rate, please consider your monthly income, your essential monthly expenses, your loan options, your discretionary expense choices during this particular time, and the fees for other comparable Mediation services. You will choose your rate on your Service Agreement.

Thank you for helping us in our goal to serve folks in various socio-economic positions.

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