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Self Help and DIY Divorce State of NM

This is the Main Page for NM Courts website

Click this Photo > to go and navigate further from there



This is the Main Page for Family Court services

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FORMS for Dissolution of Marriage, including co-parenting, custody, child support are HERE

use this link, and then open the FOLDER “dissolution of marriage” to choose the forms you need.

In most cases, you will need most of them

notice they are grouped into:

-100’s.   -200’s.   -300’s

which lays out the map of which are filed first. 

do also download INSTRUCTIONS for each section

those instructions are in the folder with the forms.

they will guide you as you proceed on filling and filing forms.

Guardianship and Paternity forms are HERE

The full publication of the court’s

self help guide is available to download or view here

You can choose the section of the Guide relevant to your case

for instance, there is a “Dissolution of Marriage” section, which you can jump to within the guide, when you start at the Contents page.

Completing this form, with itemized listing of income and expenses for each parent is necessary when filing for Divorce, or, Co-parenting with children.
In mediation, we can agree to use this figure, or to apply a different value to Child Support payments,  if that is what both parties want. In any case, this form needs to be completed accurately and submitted with your court paperwork.

First Judicial Court (in SF) Self Help Center

The Center’s phone number is 505-455-8146.

The email address is



CLICK HERE to find the SELF HELP CENTER for other NM District Courts >

             -click on “i represent myself” drop down box.

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