The Hub Huddle Workbook

by: Keren Abrams,  2019


A Workbook for Separating or Divorcing Parents

taking care of your children on the front end!

The HUB HUDDLE Workbook

guides you step by step to articulate a narrative which is both age and constitutionally appropriate for your child(ren)  to orient and nourish them at the time of parental separation or divorce.

This family folklore you both consider and compose is designed to create balance and wellbeing for your child – right there on the front end – as the transition is beginning to happen.

The outcome of the HUB HUDDLE Workbook is a Family Meeting which will appropriately orient and nourish your child(ren) and assure them of what is most essential for them to know.

For parents of Toddlers, this Workbook can also facilitate your creation of a story-book, telling the tale just as your own wisdom has determined. Adding to your words tools such as cardstock, lamination, collage…this personalized storybook will be an asset and lifetime keepsake, made by the child’s parents for them!

Children need you to give them a narrative. This narrative you create, we call your “Family Folklore”

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