Stay together better, or, Part in peace

Get the help you need with our unique Family WELLNESS Mediation services

Stay Together Better

  • Stay Together Better Master plans
  • Do-we-need-to-divorce? Mediation
  • Parenting Together Better
  • Family Dynamic Fixes

Family Transitions

  • Eldering parent sibling agreementsĀ 
  • Property/Asset Division
  • Guardianship Agreements

The Hub Huddle Workbook

  • Taking care of childrens’ wellbeing on the front end
  • Family Meetings, planned and prepared, to appropriately include children in understanding the family re-organization
  • How to speak to children about Divorce


  • Divorce
  • SeparationĀ 
  • Co-parenting plans
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Best Interest of Child decisions

Mediation can help your family do well!

our services support health and wellbeing for your family with facilitated communication, respectful discussion, fair-play negotiations and clear, articulated agreements.


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