Multi - Party Services

Divorce Mediation

Facilitated Discussion

Fair play negotiations

Drafted MOU Agreements

Parenting Plans

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Custody Plans

Comprehensive, drafted Parenting Plans

 calendar layout, safety stipulations,

travel and vacations 

seamless and conflict preventative Plan 

Separation Agreements

Facilitated Communication

Master Plan for Formal Separation

Terms and Agreements Defined

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Marital Mediation

Stay Together Better


Part In Peace

Facilitated Communication

Listening to Wants/Needs

Co Creating Solutions for Improvements

Drafted Master Plan

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Workplace Mediation

Conflict Prevention

Dispute Resolution

Assessments and Agreements

Team Building

Workplace Culture

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School Mediation & Training

Conflict Prevention


Meeting Facilitation

Restorative Circles/Pods

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Organizational & Meeting Facilitation

Organizational Mediation

Tenant / Landlord

Board Meetings

HOA meetings

Conflict Resolution/prevention, Communication Strategy, 

Defining Roles & Responsibilities

Decision Making Models

Individual Services

SPEAKWELL skillful Communications Courses

3-week PRIMARY course, all online!

Includes 3 video lessons

interactive assignments

culminating video conference with instructor

Conflict Coaching



Research Options

Clear emotional fogs for pointed action planning.

Tips and guidance for resolving conflicts in any situations.

Life Transitions Counseling

Access your best wisdom when facing:

Family re-organization

Professional changes

Relationship separation

Child-Parent Relationships

All Services Available Worldwide Online


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