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Conflict Coaching

If you are involved in a conflictual situation you can get help to navigate your side of it all.

We work together to choose your most strategic approach including best ways of communicating with the other party(ies), appropriate research, managing emotions while gaining clarity to make informed choices.

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Life Transitions Counsel

When you are going through a major life transition (or minor) attentive guidance can help.

You are facilitated to see your situation more clearly, innovate solutions, process with yourself in step-by-step and methodical ways, be kind to yourself and others even in rough waters, and to make choices with good tools to stand in them.

Transitions can be richly transformative. Gaining the gifts of change is easier with professional support.

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SPEAKWELL skillful communications online courses

SPEAKELL all online Primary Course will up your communications game in just 3 weeks.

Video instruction and online assignments, followed by a live debrief with the instructor.

Improve your personal and professional relations with clear articulation, efficient listening and bringing co-creative tones forward.


Life Transitions Counsel

Via phone/video conference

Access your best wisdom and choices

Family re-organization

Professional changes

Relationship separation

  supporting you to feel heard, hone your insight,

gain clarity and composure.


SPEAKWELL skillful Communications Courses

Your 3-week PRIMARY course, all online!

Includes 3 video lessons

interactive assignments

culminating video conference with instructor

Just $60 (+discount code for our clients*)

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Conflict Coaching

Gain Clarity.

Learn Strategy.

Research Options efficiently.

Clear emotional fogs for pointed action planning.

Get support to navigate Legal Self-Advocacy.


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